Diary of the Stray Dogs:
The Wounded

Written by Nigel Lynch, Illustrated by Juan Carlos Francisco, Colored by Edward “King” Bola, (Beyond Publishing Caribbean, 2022)


Shani Belcourt recounts the events that start her down a dark path, as she seeks retribution.
From the world of Beyond Publishing Caribbean, creators of Hardears, comes Diary of the Stray Dogs: The Wounded.  A 22nd century action-packed comic filled with copious amounts of sex, drugs and violence.

Created and written by Nigel Lynch, Diary of the Stray Dogs (not to be confused with that other indie comic about actual stray dogs) follows the misadventures of Shani Belcourt, a caribbean-born pilot and security agent out for revenge.

I’m treading lightly with this critique because I believe The Wounded is really just a preview of a much larger, more immersive narrative.  Thereby making some of my criticism possibly obsolete.  

Layer Cake

Y’all remember that movie Smokin’ Aces? The action movie that featured a pre-Deadpool Ryan Reynolds fighting off a rogue’s gallery of Bounty Hunters in a Las Vegas Casino?  Diary of the Stray Dogs has a similar vibe but instead of Vegas we have a Blade Runner type metropolis, brilliantly rendered by artist Juan Carlos and colorist Edward “King” Bola.

Nigel’s script deftly layers a sexy urban night life on top of intrigue and gorey violence.

Dialogue is serviceable with just a  pinch of the Caribbean energy I’ve come to expect from Beyond Publishing.

Missing Ingredients

The only thing I feel is missing from Stray Dogs is the colorful world building that brought Nigel and Beyond Publishing such national acclaim.  Real talk,  the idea of a European futurescape is nowhere near as alluring as the idea of a Caribbean one.

But as I mentioned before, I believe this is all a set up for an even more exciting adventure.  I guarantee you, as fast paced as this book was, Nigel is holding on to an even bigger, more explosive story to come.  

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