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Fellow Blerds! Are you interested in becoming a Collector of Historically Black Comic Books but don’t know where to start? Then check out the Black Comic Universe’s Beginner’s Guide to Black Comic Book Collecting.   Join Imani Lateef and Black comic book historian and publisher, Marcus Roberts, as they introduce 12 books to launch your comic book collecting journey. Follow below to get the FREE guide.  Download it to your device or read it online.


A Beginner's Guide to Black Comic Book Collecting

The Mission

Black Comic Book Collecting is more than just a hobby.  Learn why!

Introducing the Black Age of Comics

Learn about the era that brought us Static, Brotherman and Spawn.

Collector's Checklist

Enjoy our FREE collector’s checklist filled with indie comics of the Black Age of Comics Era.

Download our FREE Beginner's Guide to Black Comic Book Collecting

In this beginner’s guide I have showcased 13 of the most important Black comics of the 1990’s.    Also included in this guide is a Collector’s Checklist that presents even more Black comics published during the 90’s.

Welcome to the Black Comix Universe!