Episode 45: Top Ten Moments of 2021 in Black Comics

In this episode I share my top 10 moments in Black Comics this year starting with super fun moments like Mike Watson’s release of Hotshot #10.  Of course you’ll see the usual suspects like Black Panther and Milestone but don’t forget about the indie creators I shout out in this video.  I suspect 2022 will be very huge for them as well.


Episode 44: Pros and Cons of Cons w/ Jamar Nicholas

Off the heels of my wild debate with the creators of 4th Wall Comics about Comic Book Conventions I link up with my friend Jamar Nicholas, the creator of Leon Protector of the Playground.  As an indie comic book publisher, Jamar has experienced every part of the comic book industry; from self publishing to signing major publishing deals (he’s currently being published by Scholastic).  If you’re looking to enter into the comic book world, listen closely and take notes.

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