Teen Titans #75

Written by Felicia Henderson, art by Joe Bennett and Jack Jadson (DC Comics, 2009)


Come celebrate our gala 75th issue with an all-star cast of Titans past and present! Joining this issue for the extravaganza is new ongoing writer Felicia D. Henderson, a co-executive producer on TV’s hit show Fringe! Don’t miss this start to a fresh new take on DC’s premier teen team! (via mycomicshop.com)


Felicia Henderson is the first Black Woman to write comics for DC.  It would be another 7 years before Marvel introduced three Black female authors (Nilah McGruder, Roxanne Gay and Yona Harvey).  

To put this milestone into perspective, the first woman in the comics industry, Dorothy Woolfolk, began her career at DC comics in the 1940s and wrote for Wonder Woman in the 1970s.  

My research has also uncovered that the first Black woman in comics, Joan Baccus, began her career in 1966.

Henderson marks a 43 year stretch of “unrecorded” activity of Black women in comics.  This of course seems outrageous to me. I’m currently attempting to fill in this gap with the names and bibliography of Black women who have worked in comics professionally. 

Felicia Henderson is also a television writer and producer.  Her credits include:

Moesha, writer and co-producer (1996-1997)

Sister, Sister, writer, co-executive producer, and supervising producer (1997-1998)

Movie Stars, writer and consulting producer (2000)

Soul Food, creator, writer, director and executive producer (2000-2003)

Everybody Hates Chris, writer and consulting producer (2006)

Gossip Girl, writer and co-executive producer (2007-2008)

Fringe, writer and co-executive producer (2008-2009)

Reed Between the Lines, writer and executive producer (2012-2013)

The Quad, co-creator, executive producer (2016-2018)

Marvel’s The Punisher, writer and co-executive producer (2017-2018) 
(Via Wikipedia)

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