Shuriken #1

Created by Reggie Byers. Script by Reggie Byers and Neil D. Vokes, art by Reggie Byers (1985, Victory Publishing)


Shuriken (Kyoko) and Lynx are assassins for Morgan Enterprises, headed by Mr. Morgan; Joan Harlowe, Kyoko’s friend, witnesses an assassination by Eagle-Claw and is placed under police protection by officer Doug Jordan. Mr. Morgan sends Shuriken to investigate; Subsequently, Shuriken, Joan, and officer Jordan are attacked by Eagle-Claw. (via


Shuriken was a manga-inspired indie comic book published in 1985 by comic book illustrator Reggie Byers.  It features the assassin  Kyoko Shidara also known as Shuriken.

Reggie Byers began his career illustrating Robotech comic books for Comico.  This may establish Byers as the first Black “mangaka” here in the United States.  However, I’m not clear how these titles work “culturally”.

However, it is evident that Shuriken, published in 1985 predates the work of the first American created manga, Peepo Choo, published in Japan in 2008.

[Sidebar: The first manga created by a non-Japanese artist is Peepo Choo.  Written and illustrated by Felipe Smith. Another African American creator of Jamaican and Argentine descent.]


Nevertheless, Shuriken was one of the most successful indie comics of the 80’s, selling 20,000 copies.  There was a spin-off called Blade of the Shuriken and several collected trades.

He successfully re-introduced the series in 2021 with a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Reggie Byers is also known for his all-ages title Afro Boy and the indie comic of the Black Age of Comics, Crescent.


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