Marvel Team-Up #100

First meeting of Storm and Black Panther; First appearance and Origin of Karma.



Chris Claremont, Frank Miller, John Byrne



Carl Gafford, Rob Carosella, Frank Miller, John Byrne, Al Milgrom, Annette Kawecki, Irving Watanabe





Publication Date

Nov 30, 1980

This is the perfect book to kickoff our Black Comic Key series.  Marvel Team-Up #100 is the first appearance and origin of the mutant Karma. (“And Introducing Karma! She Possesses People!”) Who may be one of Marvels first lesbian characters.

To the Black community what makes this book so important is the first meeting of Black Panther and Storm in comics (“Cry–Vengeance!”).  And this is why Black Comix Universe exists;  To share the treasure trove of books that carry key significance to us as Black collectors.

This book is reasonably priced.  Around $10 or less.  An awesome addition to your collection ahead of a possible meeting of these characters in the MCU.

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