Blk Boy Fly #1 Preview Edition

Written by Hebru Brantley and  Steve Seeley, Cover art by Max Sansing and interior art by Sajad Shah (self-published in 2017)


The comic was available in very limited quantities (anecdotally only 100 were printed) from the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) 2017 and some were also available from the 2017 New York Comic (NYCC). Also available at NYCC (from the at the Toy Tokyo booth), was a Blk Boy Fly poster of the comic cover art and another exclusive limited print poster by Steve Seeley.

In early March 2018, 9 gradings of Black Boy Fly #1 C2E2 Preview Edition were recorded by CGC with, amazingly, one graded at 10.0 (Gem Mint) and two graded at 9.9 (Mint Minus) and all three were on Signature Series labels!


Blk Boy Fly #1 Preview Edition by Hebru Brantley is so rare most of the info I found is anecdotal.  The following bread crumbs are what I was able to learn from a few bits of social media and online resources.

According to reports, only 100 copies of Blk Boy Fly were sold at C2E2 and NY Comic Con in 2017.  Of those 100 copies, 35 copies have been graded and slabbed (via

It’s been reported that one of the graded copies came back as a CGC 10.0.  However, no such book has been reported sold at this time.

Chicagoan, Hebru Brantley is a modern pop artist and self proclaimed Afro-futurist.  This “comic book” is an extension of his “Flyboy” character.  He has licensed this character commercially with shoe brands, the Chicago Bulls and Toy companies.

Brantley is the “author” but not the artist featured in the book.  The interior artist is Sajad Shah and the wraparound cover artist is Matt Sansing.  

As my collector friend explained, the book was printed on cardstock.  This means opening the book would devalue it.  Therefore, there’s a chance none of the 100 folks that purchased Blk Boy Fly have actually opened the book and read it.   Which begs the question, is this really a comic book or simply a “work of fine art”?

After visiting the instagram page of the artist Sajad Shah, I’ve deduced that this preview book is a precursor to a graphic novel release.  I hope the graphic novel will be more accessible.

SIDEBAR: I had a huge 9.4 sale to report via for close to $9,927.  As I was researching the book that sale has been reneged and relisted at $10,000. Stay vigilant.



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