Blackjack #1

Written and created by Alex Simmons, Art by Joe Bennet (Published by Dark Angel Publishing) 


In this story line we meet Arron Day as an adult in New York City, while events a world away in Egypt cause him to return to the region where he is reunited with Silas Lincoln, a white man from Arkansas and his deceased father’s best friend. Together with the beautiful and exotic Maryam and a group of mercenaries, they must defeat a Bedouin warlord threatening peace in the region.


Blackjack #1 is yet another great independent Black comic book that premiered in the 1990’s (The Black Age of Comics).  It garnered commercial success and the series has since produced several mini series and graphic novels.

The creator, Alex Simmons has a staggering bibliography that includes Disney, Archie Comics and DC.  For DC, he created the Black vigilante Orpheus.  Debuting in his own series, Batman: Orpheus Rising, in 2001.  It was illustrated by Dwayne Turner.

Al loves the kids

Simmons is the founder of Kids Comic Con in New York City; a world-renowned kid friendly convention for children, families and educators.

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