Brotherman #1

Created by Guy Sims and Dawud Anyabwile


Guys Sims


Dawud Anyabwile




Big City Comics


Publication Date


For most of my comic book collecting peers, the 70’s seem to be the starting point for their collections.  For my generation it started in the late 80’s and early 90’s, when the X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Image comics were all the rage.  It was also when several Black creators entered the market as independent publishers.  This era is affectionately known as the Black Age of Comics. 

The next few keys I present will come out of this era starting with my favorite most coveted book of my collection, Brotherman.  

Brotherman, created by Guy Sims and Dawud Anyabwile, defied several comic book conventions held at the time.  The artwork by Dawud Anyabwile was a mash up of graffiti and Mad Magazine illustrations which was a major departure from your typical superhero styles.  Brotherman was also an oversized, magazine style book;  a throwback to 70’s comics and mags.  And finally,  Brotherman was sold exclusively in Black-owned bookstores,  Black expos and cultural events across the country, with sales rivaling their peers in the direct market.

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